Watch PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2013

Watch PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2013 Free full show online – 8/30/13 – PWG BOLA 2013 Free Online.



  • Snow

    Can you upload The Kevin Steen Show PLEASE

    • ProfessorCheese

      I’ll upload the next one.

      • Snow

        It would be appreciated!!

  • RatedRRyan

    Thank you I’ve been waiting weeks

  • Cesaroisthecoolest

    thank you very much. I screamed when I saw this, I am very excited!

  • LOL

    I love you Mr.Admin

  • giraffes

    thank you very much

  • Eddie

    Can you reupload Ten by any chance?

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’s reuploaded.

  • Andre’s Guilherme

    Thank you. I love you, buddy.

  • Dan

    Could you start putting up some DGUSA and Evolve shows?

    • ProfessorCheese

      I don’t have any new DGUSA shows and Evolve shows gets rejected on Dailymotion.

      • RatedRRyan

        can you upload the Evolve shows to Putlocker then?

      • americandragon

        The last DGUSA iPPV I think it was Mercury Rising 13

  • tony

    how come the dailymotion videos don’t work please fix

    • ProfessorCheese

      Reuploaded Dailymotion links.

  • Rhod

    You’re the best dude


  • Scott

    YAY! thanks

  • Ibrahim N.


  • Mattneck

    I have no idea what this is…but hell those guys are just awesome. wwe and all other shows are just kindergarten if u saw this guys <3

    • Kane1991

      Basically best of USA indy, mainly ROH and DGUSA guys

  • americandragon

    Finally is online!! Thank you admin! <3
    and a request, u have the chance to upload iPPV Shine 12?

    • ProfessorCheese

      I will upload Shine 12 once it comes out. Still has’t been released yet..

      • americandragon

        Oooh… I didn’t not know that, well I keep waiting for them, thanks anyway!!

  • Rom

    Thanks , great show !!

  • jjr2707

    could u upload some uk show like waw and fwa and pcw

  • Jin

    Thanks man.

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    Great match between Kevin Steen and Chuck Taylor

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero


  • brian leeman

    can you reupload bola ?

  • Guff

    Links are dead :(

  • Manuel Del Bosque

    Thank you alot for this awesome shows

  • Zach v

    I tweeted this and links aren’t unlocking

  • Panama City Playboy

    Just wondering, do you download these shows (not only PWG, but other indies too) or do you buy DVDs and then upload them? Either way, I’d love to see some older PWG shows. They’re avalaible for download on XWT. I’d appreciate it.

  • Dave

    Ugh hopefully this can be reuploaded thank u so much if u can do it

  • Dusty

    It won’t let me share anything on facebook to open the link.

  • Jose DeJesus

    Can someone reupload this please?

  • Rocky

    Worst of PWG in 2013,and still better than every show that WWE/TNA/ROH did in this year in my opinion.

  • Super Dragon

    So, when will we be getting Matt Rushmore, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Panama City Playboy

      DVD preview was released a few days ago so the DVD itself should be released soon. As soon as DVD is out, torrent will be avalaible for download.

  • bighustle

    these servers suck dick. Putlocker FTW

  • Woloaf

    When will Matt Rushmore be put up?

  • Alex

    This is awesome!

  • Ari Glazier

    Can you upload PGW All Star Weekend X