Watch WWE RAW 3/4/13

Watch WWE RAW 3/4/13 – March 4th 2013 – 03/04/13


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  • Samir Hendawi

    first one to comment
    cant wait to see what will happen

    • RealAmerican


      • C-K


  • C-K

    hopefully no NAN:NAN thing again

  • A-Killr Kondaparva

    o god ……stilll 11hrs i can’t w8

  • My Name IS Mr Fuck

    fuck zack swagger ugly dude, he looks damn ugly, He talks like a fucker, his manager is another moustache pedro,, GO cena Go Taker, Go Alverto del viooo,, Go sheamus,, Go Y2J,, Go randy,, Go PUnk,, Go Kane, Go Antonio Go Miz Go HEnry Go Khali .Go barret.. Go Brock Go Triple H.. Fuck zack ryder boring character, Fuck brodus and tensai bored too, Fuck Kofi always lossing his matches,Fuck Big show big giant Alien looking guy, Fuck Big E langston Coward, Fuck Ziggler comedian

    • CM Punk is the best

      I think fuck you.

      • My Name Is Mr Fuck

        Yes I am Mr Fuck,And you?

        • dylandycer

          Zack ryder isn’t boring!
          + it’s Jack swagger not Zack swagger
          + it’s alBerto del Rio not alVerto del Vio

          • My Name Is Mr fuck,IM a Killer

            fuck you, i know he is alberto del rio, i just used the way its pronounced you fucking dumbass, wanna fight in real? hahaha..

    • MrKaNeEraV2

      Go kane ! 😀

      • My Name Is Mr Fuck

        You are the best in the world

    • robbie reigns

      I wish I could hit you with a dictionary.

      • My Name Is Mr Fuck

        fuck you, wanna fight?

  • BrImIaX

    Jack Swagger is back now! But I still hate him though……

  • BrImIaX

    Cant w8 in APRIL THE 7th

  • TrickStarxxxxxx

    This takes forever….

  • Rocky Boy

    Wtf ho Many hrs can it take

  • Rocky Boy

    I witling from this monrning

  • Cenaiton

    Good show

  • what?

    i want this main event : Rock and hhh vs cena and brock.

  • Danny

    On smackdown 1/3/13 where’s chris jerichos interview on Skype and the match between sin cara and heath slater

  • Akshay

    i cant wait

  • @YAMOTRON6000

    hhh rock cena vs punk lesnar big show

  • robbie

    Tonight should be great! Hope WWE creative have got this one right tonight. Having such a strong RAW show this week would set the WWE Universe up for a cracking “Road to WresteMania.” Creative have been impressive over the past week so lets hope it continues!

  • dylandycer

    so it isn’t with a live stream?

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’ll be posted later, before the show starts.

  • Bani Edward

    i cant wait to watch wwe 4/3/13 live steam thank you cookiechaser8 for uplaoding videos cant wait till tonight :)

  • robbie reigns

    The Undertaker is currently backstage at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, and will be appearing on Raw to set up a match with CM Punk at WrestleMania.

    Read more:

  • Doug Green

    Expect a lot more surprises than what has been reported online!

  • higgy665

    will there be livestream links?

  • Michealvarman

    wow, suhc a great website, i loved this webstie and the owner of this site, thanks for the great videos, im a big fan of wrestling, Today i hope we will have a chance to see deadman’s return, I loved undertaker since 1997,I loved John Cena too,,Brock lesnar is a great player but why he always use to be rude? Hats off for John cena,, hehehe,, greetings from india to all wrestling fans,Love ya all

  • AK47lol98

    i wish triple h comes back today

    • robbie reigns

      He came back on last weeks episode of RAW.

  • RKO2020

    Part 1 is not working buddy

  • swag


  • jory577

    Why’s part 1 not working?

    • ProfessorCheese

      It works now. Refresh.

  • Marwan Sebil Al Madani

    part 1 whats the wrong broo ?!

    • ProfessorCheese

      Refresh. It’s working.



  • THE game

    bom bom

  • John Patrick Tiquis

    how many parts is raw today?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Around 10. 3 parts HDTV will be posted after the show and HD quality tomorrow morning.


    fuck john cena. was hoping for dr thugonomics ):

    • Lexii

      Same -_-

  • Westley Sicangco

    NaN:Nan T,T

  • Siv

    Hey all the videos are marked as private… I missed the show ,now trying to see the match videos and everything is blocked … can you please share it…

    • ProfessorCheese

      It’s not as private anymore.

  • THE game

    cm punk not good 😀

  • wtf

    Triple H
    -Superstar LOL

  • Leeman

    I like the Old School styling and music and stuff.. It really suits Wrestling.. the flashy modern raw just feels.. too disconnected.

    I really like the Shield.. I think the faction really adds to the show and has an excellent character development. About time.. Creative hasnt been able to put together someone in a million years..

    • zeitgeist

      Lol you are right, The Shield is a pretty excellent “bad guy” faction. Ambrose has a future, I think his creepy style will be amazing one day in singles, not that I want them to break up anytime soon. Oh and creative sucks again, did you see Fandango? LOLOL wtf is that!!!!??? I have never felt so uncomfortably awkward in a long time with how bad a character is… Nix the gimmick NOW.. kill it.. please

    • harvey rollins

      Yeah I agree, The Shield is an amazing team/gimmick. They all have a certain trait which means something, something that matters. Roman Reigns is the powerhouse, Dean Ambrose is the microphone voice/skills and attitude, Seth Rollins is a talented high-flyer. I gotta give WWE creative a lot of thumbs up in the past two or so weeks as they seem to be finally getting things right, I really do hope this continues. I just hope they haven’t stepped up just because we are on the Road to WrestleMania! Oh and nothing beats a bit of old school, they seem to mix things up on it, maybe because the old school legends are there (not the John Cena type.) I feel most legends played a good part in the show tonight.

  • William #Razor

    Very very good Raw tonight , I hope WWE creative wake up and take a good shot on Smackdown too.

  • A-Killr Kondaparva

    wt the hell is wrong is with randy orton his losing every oppurtunity ……..

  • Couch potato 123

    Cena is gonna kick rocks ass at wrestlemania and undertaker will make it 21-0 plus the game will beat lesnar and unfortunately I think swagger will become champ and how bout. Shamus,orton and big show vs the shield? WTF is fandango

  • Rockyboy

    Fuck CM punk hè rest in Hell not in peace

  • WWEfan4ever

    Cena vs Rock and Undertaker vs Cm Sucks, its going to be the best wrestlemania ever

  • abhinav mahajan

    awesome show….
    my heartly thanks to this website maker and uploader for providing such awesome content ……… hats offf _/_

  • 1234

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unadertaker is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Parot

    I thought the undertaker will wear his old skool undertaker costume that would be awesome

    • harvey rollins

      His new attire makes him look increasingly bigger, which makes him look phenomenal with the camera angles they use nowadays.

  • harvey rollins

    In my personal opinion this was one of the strongest WWE RAW’s of recent history. The creative seemed to get everything spot on. The Undertaker’s appearance at the start got the live crowd into the action and really set the up in the mood for the whole night. Also the appearance of the Undertaker at the end also had the live crowd something to talk about when they exit the arena. It was great to see many former legends there, not all played a huge part in either a match or a segment, but they did their part (i.e Ric Flair’s fan communication while on the outside mat.) CM Punk’s cheat heat with Mae Young (interfering her 90th birthday celebration) he showed good body language (playing Mr. No Respect) and didn’t even look at anyone attending her celebration which is showing his complete disrespectful character/personality. Oh and to end: the Ryback and Antonio Cesaro match was great. They both work really well together and showed great communication, and in my opinion one of the top matches of the night.

  • CenatheChamp


  • nat1181

    raw was awsome the undertaker made the show and seeing the old school guys was also awsome and they beat most of the new school cm punk is good cena i is ok rock was awsome and even big show was good but the raw and smackdown going to wrestlemania are good and then it ends at extreme rules it need this all year long and also seeing new age outlaws was also good to

  • nat1181

    thanks for access to see monday night raw not always home to see most of the show

  • Danijel Jokic

    can i look wrestlemania 29 live in this side

    • ProfessorCheese

      Yes, you can.


    Can i watch Main event live?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Main Event is not live. I’ll add it later tonight once it’s available.

  • Crappymania 29

    great show? creative show? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? this is gotta be the shittiest RAW we ever saw, and soon, they’re headliding for the crappiest wrestlemania of all time, they will call it crappymania 29. SERIOUSLY , cena vs rock = same shit last year (once in a lifetime my ass), HHH vs lesnar, same shit last year at summerslam, undertaker vs whoever of these 4 dicks can’t put a good show, we all know taker isnt gonna end that score on a mid-card, del rio vs swagger = shit, omg I can’t believe I am the only one realising that

  • Y2J

    he is going to wrestlemania and kick cm punks ass and it ends with a TOMBSTONE PILDRIVER !!!!!!!!

  • Y2J


  • Go Cena

    fuck you go rocky

  • Romeo

    I think this site is amazing cause great videos, free and you dont have to wait long. I dont have sky so i cant watch wwe. But with this site I can, SO thank you very much..
    I watch TNA on challenge so im happy ;D