Watch WWE Smackdown 2/22/13
Watch WWE Smackdown 2/22/13 – Febuary 22nd 2013 – 02/22/13



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  • Kill Bill

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  • pinzi


  • Mary x

    is this really on 22nd?

    • ProfessorCheese

      Yes it is.

      • wwe

        nope Friday Night Smackdown is prerecorded on Tuesday played on Fridays. This is why you dont need to wait 15 minutes after the show starts to play part 1.

        • ProfessorCheese

          Yes, I know, I think he was asking if this episode was from the 22nd or not.

  • Kurt

    Thanks brother your the best in the world!

    • Your mom

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  • #respectCmPunk

    Swagger should go for the U.S title against Antonio Cesaro and should leave RKO take care of del Rio

  • hsufds

    livestream plz

  • hsufds

    never mind

  • Soundofshadow

    wow the crowd was freakin amazing this smackdown :)

  • ryley surette

    cool video